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I believe that physical fitness is the key to elite performance.  It is important to include basic physical fitness training in any training program to ensure that endurance matches skillset.  Physical fitness is at the core of any professional athlete


Practice and focus are the key elements in mastering any technique.  To improve technique one must train consistently.  Mastering good technique will improve a players efficiency on the field.  It will allow a player's body to do what needs to be done without thought and free the mind to read the field and anticipate the next play. 


Mastering the principals of a good defense in mental and physical technique will create a well rounded player. It is important to know control and restraint along with when and how to apply pressure.

1st Generation

6-12 years old



At this age the young player will be able to live and deepen their joy of playing and discover the need to master a technical skills. 

A player will find their position on the court and understand the need to interact with teammates and overcome your opponents. 


Coordination exercises, agility and flexibility activities, as well as reaction-based games and direction changes will be important work during this period.

2nd Generation

13-15 years old 

Preliminary training

Mental technique

During this age (13 to 15 years) important physical work will be done in the development and education of the player.

Preliminary training is a key stage for successful training. This is the golden age of the development of fundamental technical and tactical skills.  At this age, all the fundamental technical aspects, the individual tactical sense and the basic principles of the game, as well as mental attitudes, such as concentration, self-confidence, perseverance and the will begin to emerge.

3rd Generation

16-18 years old


Mental technique

Is the age in which the acquired qualities that will lead the player towards performance football are refined. It will be the occasion to propose a qualitative and quantitative work in relation to technical, tactical, physical and mental factors.

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